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2-XL is Fixed!

Well, that did it. He's fixed and I've successfully brought a piece of my childhood back to life. Every time I look into those dim, glowing eyes, it gives me happy, warm memories. It's for those reasons that I do these things. Whether it's the smile of someone else when I am able to help them enjoy themselves or recover a piece of the past, or when I'm able to help myself, these are the moments that justify everything. Read the full post... about 2-XL is Fixed!

2-XL Is Totally Stoked About the Metric System

2-XL Speaks. It turns out that it was the caps, As well as a few other problems, such as a cold solder joint on an on/off switch. After resoldering that and replacing a burnt-out LED, it looks good. Digikey is sending me a new linear potentiometer with a single-pole switch for a volume control knob. Once I throw that in, I can put him all back together and he'll be as good as new. Hooray! Read the full post... about 2-XL Is Totally Stoked About the Metric System


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